we’re getting a new look!

hi friends!

i know it’s been an incredibly quiet year on the blog so far but we promise, it’s with good reason. as we’ve kind of been hinting at in our last couple of posts, we’ve been working on some big changes to the (m+a) brand this year. now that the process is officially underway, we’re excited to share that in just a couple of months we’re getting a brand new look with an updated site and blog! as anyone who’s worked on rebranding knows, the process can take a bit of time in order to really nail everything down and get it looking the way you envisioned. and while we can’t wait to unveil everything, for now, we’re sharing a peek at what’s to come with a look at the inspiration board our amazing designer, meagan tidwell, put together for us! (she’s kind of awesome so if anyone is in the market for a graphic designer, we highly recommend her!)


aiming to keep things in line with our clean, soft, bright photographic style, the new brand and look is going to follow in those same footsteps in order to give our awesome clients a more seamless experience. and we can’t wait to share more! for now though, things on the blog will continue to remain quiet as we focus on getting our new brand up and running. in the meantime, until we’re ready to launch the new face of (m+a) photography, we’ll be keeping things up-to-date over on our facebook and instagram (@malikaluthra) pages so please be sure to head on over, give us a like and follow along! we hope to see you there!

cheers to 2014

i know it’s a week in but since this is officially our first blog post of 2014…happy new year you guys!

the new year always holds the promise of fresh starts and clean slates. for someone as OCD as me, it’s the perfect time to come back from the holidays, fully recharged and ready to throw myself headfirst into a never-ending list of personal and professional goals. sometimes that list can get a little, well, ambitious to say the least. which is probably partially why i have a difficult time keeping up with all (or any for that matter!) of those goals past january. even so, each new year i can’t help but get excited by the prospect of change and all that i aim to accomplish and improve upon from the months past.

this year, along with my standard “workout at least 4 times a week”, at least half of that list is made up of professional goals for (m+a) photography. some are realistic and some maybe not so much, but every little thing on there stands for the hopes and dreams of who we are and what we might be able to do if we simply tried. as we enter our third year of officially being in business, we’ve looked back and realized there have been several times we’ve fallen, times we’ve made mistakes. we’ve had successes and failures, high points and low, and it’s been a difficult journey with plenty of getting lost along the way: lost in worrying about what everyone else is doing and what everyone else thinks we should be doing. but in the process, we’ve learned so much valuable information about ourselves and what we want this business of ours to be that simply couldn’t have been taught any other way. we still have a long ways to go. but now that we’ve reached a place where we know what we stand for, we can start moving in the right direction because it’s what we believe in. and as a result, 2014 is bringing some pretty big changes to the (m+a) brand.

we’re still in the process of working out all the little details and it will likely be a while before we can share the specifics. but we promise, it’ll be worth the wait and hope you’ll follow along. for now, we’re toasting to 2014 being filled with plenty of dreaming big, taking risks and blossoming into one of the best years ever!

cheers to 2014!

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best of 2013

here it is — our last and final post of 2013! is anyone else amazed by how quickly this year has flown by? i can’t believe in just a few more hours, we’ll be ringing in 2014! i mean, how did that even happen?!

we thought we’d end the year with a look at our favorite portraits of all our wonderful clients this past year. thank you all so much for inviting us into your hearts and allowing us to document some of your most special moments this past year. although 2013 has been pretty amazing, 2014 is going to bring some pretty big and exciting changes to (m+a) photography that we simply can’t wait to share with you! and we hope you’ll be there with us for all of it!

happy almost 2014!
















snapshots from south africa | safari evenings

after a full afternoon of relaxing and lounging around the camp, the anticipation of what the evening would bring was ripe in the cool and at times, damp and cloudy air. if the mornings were some of the most peaceful, the evenings were an entirely different creature, rife with the activity of animals moving around the bush. we zoomed along on and off the dirt paths, spotting fresh tracks and stopping every time we found something, completely enamored by the scenes unfolding a few feet away: the graceful movement of a leopard as it climbs down a tree, a sea of zebra stripes horsing around, a cheetah feasting on it’s latest kill, a pride of lions gathered around a watering hole. about halfway through we would stop for a sundowner in the bush to stretch our legs, have a drink (my personal favorite was a warm mug of hot chocolate spiked with a shot of amarula, a south african specialty) and view breathtaking colors paint the sky in a dazzling array of colors as the sun set.

it’s impossible to forget the thrill of seeing a standoff between buffalo and lions and watch, with bated breath, if a fight is about to ensue. or the anxiety of sitting under a quickly darkening sky, with an ominous storm approaching and catching glimpses of lions through flashes of lightening, as they stealthily prepare to hunt. or the fear of sitting in a completely open jeep as a leopard walks right by you and looks directly into your eyes, into what feels like deep into your soul. or even the calm of being caught in the middle of a herd of elephants peacefully strolling across the savannah, munching on overhanging branches along the way. but mostly, it’s impossible to forget that feeling, of being out in the bush, so close to nature and some of it’s most dangerous and beautiful creatures.

africa has captured my heart for sure and i’m convinced this is only the beginning of a lifelong love affair…